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Various - Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom flac

  • Interprète: Various
  • Titre: Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom
  • Taille FLAC: 2291 mb
  • Pays: Australia
  • Date de publication: 10 Aug 2016
  • Style: Doom Metal
  • Label: Art As Catharsis Records
  • Classement: 4.6 of 5
  • Genre: Rock
Various - Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom flac


1JxckxlzTrophic Level5:33
2Hope DroneThe World Inherited10:31
4Mournful CongregationThe Waterless Streams12:18
6Thorax Vampyroteuthis Infernalis4:47
7Lizzard WizzardThe Ghost Of Randy Savage6:35
8Indica Inner Mind Arise8:27
9Drowning HorseSacrifice12:18
10Tangled Thoughts Of LeavingYield To Despair15:23
11InverlochFrom The Eventide Pool6:34
12Looking Glass The Dirge8:04
13Space BongSlow Spring13:46
14WhitehorseExternal Oblivion12:39
15Burlap Bubbles5:02


Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom by Art As Catharsis, released 10 August 2016 1. Space Bong - Slow Spring 2. Hope Drone - The World Inherited 3. Horsehunter - Witchery 4. Lizzard Wizzard - The Ghost of Randy Savage 5. Thorax - Vampyroteuthis Infernalis 6. Mournful Congregation - The Waterless Streams 7. Drowning Horse - Sacrifice 8. Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving - Yield To Despair 9. Jxckxlz - Trophic Level 10. Omahara - II 11. Looking Glass - The Dirge 14. Burlap - Bubbles 15. Whitehorse - External Oblivion Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II is a free compilation featuring the best of Australian doom. Drowning Horse - Sorrow Drone from the Underside of the Earth is a FREE digital compilation featuring Australias best stoner, sludge, doom and drone bands. Features Adrift for Days, Arrowhead, Atolah, Clagg, DEAD, Drowning Horse, Futility, Hydromedusa, In Trenches, Looking Glass, Mother Mars, Nous, Shellfin, Space Bong, Summonus, Sons of the Ionian Sea and many more essential artists from Australia's underground. Kadin Wisniewski Great collection of doom, sludge, and stoner metal. Favorite track: The Slow Death - Empty Places. Matti One of my favourite Labels from Down Under with a big variety of styles and tons of great music. Go discover . Disc IDs. Cover Art 1. Digital Media. Length: 2:22:25. Additional details. Type: Album Compilation. Packaging: None. Status: Official. Language: English. Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version, also known as simply Earth 2, is the first full-length studio album by the American drone metal band Earth. Produced by Earth and Stuart Hallerman, it was released on February 5, 1993, on Sub Pop Records. The album was highly influential in the development of the drone music and drone metal genres. Celebrated as a milestone by Terrorizer's Dayal Patterson, he described it as a three-track, 75 minute deluge of feedback and distorted guitars that marked the. Tracks In This Album. Slow Spring - Space Bong. The World Inherited - Hope Drone. Witchery - Horsehunter. The Ghost Of Randy Savage - Lizzard Wizzard. Vampyroteuthis Infernalis - Thorax. The Waterless Streams - Mournful Congregation. Sacrifice - Drowning Horse. Yield To Despair - Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving. Trophic Level - Jxckxlz. II - Omahara. From The Eventide Pool - Inverloch. Inner Mind Arise - Indica. The Dirge - Looking Glass. Bubbles - Burlap. External Oblivion - Whitehorse. Drone From The Underside Of The Earth I: Australian Doom by Art As Catharsis, released 21 May 2012 1. Hydromedusa - I'll Make It Home 2. Log - The Chimp 3. Sons of the Ionian Sea - Hugh Heffner 4. Looking Glass - Heavy on the Hook 5. Battle Pope - The Psalm of Barry Hall 6. Law of the Tongue - Death Knight 7. Arrowhead - Blood from. a Stone 8. Adrift for Days - Back of the Beyond 9. Moth - PlodTheSnakeCharmer 10. Shellfin - Cruzzin 11. In Trenches - Beneath 12. Summonus - The Road Less Death Knight Gallows Stoner Psych Deities Bands Australia Earth Landscape. More information. From their upcoming album 'Everything Went Red' - an all-out assault of sludge-ridden punk, doom-laden , and blackened grind. Order at: everything-went-red. Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom, by Art As Catharsis. 15 track album. SludgeDroneDoom Metal. Lyrical themes: NA. Compilation appearances: - Crawl on Clone - Play Slow, Die Fast Volume III Blind Date Records, 2010 - Sixteen on Sludge Metal Massacre Vol. 4 Holy Grail from Hell, 2014 - External Oblivion on Drone from the Underside of the Earth II: Australian Doom Art as Catharsis Records, 2016. See also: Clagg, ex-Worms of the Earth, Carbs, Ex-spectator, The River of Heaven, Trench Sisters, Well, ex-Encircling Sea, ex-Dude Mountain, ex-Mr. Hyde & the Jeckyls, ex-Terror Firma. Mark Groves. Noise, Electronics 2004-2011. This article is a stub. Please help the Doom Wiki by expanding it. Earth is the homeworld of the human race. It is the primary setting for Doom II and Doom Eternal, and is referenced heavily in Doom 3 and Doom 2016. It also briefly appears in Doom and Doom: Annihilation. Doom's original ending and follow up Thy Flesh Consumed take place upon Doom Guy's return to Earth via a teleporter at the end of Infernal, where he discovers the remains of his pet Daisy outside of his home city. He fights his

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